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At Falcon Therapy, there is a flexible approach to therapy.

So, there are four main options for you to access the help you need as quickly and smoothly as possible.




This will be a traditional series of therapy sessions where we will arrange to meet in my Birmingham therapy room at mutually convenient times. Here, we will discuss the mental health issue which is disturbing you. Once we understand it in depth, we will move forward with solutions. The number of sessions is not set to any particular number.



This is for people who perhaps live far away from my therapy room, are too busy to come in or simply prefer online sessions. This will be a series of therapy sessions conducted online usually via WhatsApp video calls. This enables you to receive the support you from the comfort of your own home. The only condition is that you are in a quiet, comfortable place away from prying ears.



This is for people who need mental health support but perhaps do not wish to spend a huge amount of money to get it. On the Falcon Therapy WhatsApp group, Qaiser will post a short message, voice-note or video every morning in order to support the group as a whole. He will focus on emotional issues, mental health and tips for general wellbeing. Although it will be a general group, where only Qaiser can send messages, it often helps people with mental health challenges to wake up to a gentle reminder of how one can manage their minds in a more efficient way. You will pay on the first of every month – and will receive a mental health message of support every day every day of that month.



This is a modern-style therapy for people who know they need that support but need it in small, regular doses. For example, if you have low self-esteem and need regular encouragement, this system may suit you better than traditional therapy where you might not see your therapist for 7-10 days. For somebody who is truly on the edge, this can feel like an eternity. On Falcon 24-7, you can contact me whenever you are struggling. I will support you, give you encouragement and even suggest things you can do yourself to deal with the problem. On 24/7, you can contact me via WhatsApp message or voice-notes at any time. I will always respond as soon as I have a gap between clients. With regular support and advice, your issues should become easier to manage over time. For £1.50/day, you will get the support you need without losing hundreds or waiting forever for the NHS to get back to you.

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