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Qaiser M. Talib

Qaiser M Talib cousellor Birmingham

Qaiser M Talib has always lived in the West Midlands, studying in inner city schools. In further education, he went on to gain a Bachelor of Arts History Degree at the University of Birmingham as well as a degree in Religious Education.

After a short break from academia, he gained a PGCE from Birmingham City University, after which he began working in the school system where he clocked up over ten years of teaching. He taught every age between 3 and 18.

After many mental health struggles and a Borderline diagnosis in his adulthood, Qaiser set about trying to help himself and others. Despite many challenges, he qualified as a therapist in 2019. Given this life story, there is very little that you can tell Qaiser that he has not experienced himself, first-hand.

Since 2019, he has gained Diplomas and Practitioner Certificates in several areas but focuses on and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

He helps his clients establish clear goals and them smoothly work towards attaining them. After therapy, clients usually go on to live a far more peaceful, stable and clear-headed life. He has seen local clients face-to-face in Birmingham and online clients as far away as Paris and New York.

I want to be there for your during the storm – not when the storm has destroyed everything.

He has an open attitude towards clients and does not mind clients messaging him in between sessions when they feel the need to do so.

You will find him to be a welcoming, professional and empathic therapist: during your consultation, during your treatment sessions and once the problem has been eliminated.

Away from this work, he likes to spend time with his sons. He also enjoys sports, going on chocolate tours and long walks in historic places.

Additionally, Qaiser has volunteered at heavy metal events and Birmingham Museums in the past. He has written two children’s books and is currently writing a third.

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